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P4SP2 Specification

Processor LAN

Single processor for 478 Pentium® 4 at 400/533/800MTS
System Bus: 100/133/200MHz
-Auto detect CPU type to set external clock and multiplier
-CPU external clock adjustment at 1MHz/step by BIOS
-Maximum CPU clock setting in the BIOS up to 250MHz

One RealTek 10/100 MbE on board
One RJ-12 connector stack on dual USB near by PS/2 Keyboard
Wake on LAN connector for each LAN controller
Chipset Audio
MCH: Intel® 848
Winbond Super I/O: W83627HF
One audio connector at rear panel to support LINE IN/LINE OUT/STEREO MIC IN
Support STEREO MIC IN/LINE OUT pin header for front panel
One 4-pin CD-ROM Audio In header
One 4-pin AUX header
System memory I/O Interface
Support DDR 266/333/400
Four DIMMs
Unbuffer without ECC DDR SDRAM
Support 128Mb/256Mb/512Mb technology memory
Up to 4GB
Two IDE connector (Bus Master with Enhanced) to support Ultra DMA 33/ATA66/ATA100 IDE drives and ATAPI compliant devices
Two SATA connector
One Floppy Connector for up to two drives
Two UART connector
One 25pin ECP/EPP Parallet Port
One PS/2 Keyboard
One PS/2 Mouse
One internal Smbus connector
One internal WOM connector
Intel  ICH4 supports two channels of Ultra ATA/100/66/33, which provides maximum connection of four IDE devices.
Promise 20275 ATA/133 controller supports two channels of Ultra ATA/133/100/66/33, which provides maximum connection of four IDE devices.
Two USB2.0 external port on the back panel
Internal pin header to offer Six USB2.0 ports for front panel
BIOS Power
Award BIOS
Flash write Protection for BIOS
Write Protection for memory SPD EEPROMs
Support ACPI S1, S3(option)
Board Size  
ATX form factor
12" x 10"


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