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      IWILL Corporation is an industry leading manufacturer of appliances, motherboards and consumer electronic peripheral devices. Over the last decade, IWILL's foundation has remained constant - provide reliable and innovative solutions for corporate, enterprise, education, scientific, manufacturing and government organizations. IWILL products are sold worldwide and have won numerous awards by international web based and print media including PC Magazine, Maximum PC, PC Professional, Tom's Hardware, Anandtech, PC World, CHIP and many more.
      The IWILL brand is synonymous with quality and innovation. IWILL 1st is include: World's First Intel and AMD motherboards supporting DDR and World's First Dual Intel Pentium III XEON Workstation motherboard. Since then, we have facilitated the pioneering of IDE RAID, Hardware based 6 Channel Audio, and Serial ATA implementation for faster data transfer.
      IWILL believes in building long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our partners. Understanding the customer's needs enable us to design the best solution to fit our customer's market and drive their success. When you, the customer succeed. IWILL succeeds.
High Performance Computing
      IWILL was founded in April 1989, as an industry-leading manufacturer on the dual/quad/octa processor, and integrated high-speed I/O solutions manufacturer in the past years. Following the management concept of "Innovation," and "High Quality".
High-end Workstation Solutions
     Workstation is featured to support high-level devices, especially on graphics for mass computing and processing. Server needs huge storage capacity to be stable and reliable for the system. Dualprocessor system has become the only solution in case the delaying and instability caused by mass processing and multiple requests.
Server Appliance
     The world is going online at an astonishing pace and a huge new need for products that enable small organizations to leverage the internet. IWILL provides IA that featured the most popular internet-based functionality with reasonable cost and simplism design. IWILL's server applianceis not only a computer with pre-installed software but also a new type of product. It's designed with an explicit focus on what you are trying to accomplish, and prevents you from the complexities of how the server achieves it.

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