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Born To Be Game Console

Are you a competitive gamer? Tired of carrying your heavy tower to every LAN Competition you attend? Dont let the form factor fool you, ZMAX is about as aggressive a gaming machine. The ZMAX packs an impressive punch and feature list into a system just 8" wide and 10" deep! With 6 channel sound, upfront USB 2.0 & Firewire ports, fantastic appearance, and highest performance PSW horsepower, the ZMAX is ready for everything from a LAN party to being the game console.

Intelligent USB/ IEEE1394 Flashlights

IWILL designed four luminant LED Lights to USB2.0 and Firewire on the front panel with color and excitement to your digital connection for digital cameras, camcorders and other peripherals. When you need fast connections, ZMAX delivers. Its two fast FireWire 400 ports were designed with camcorders, scanners, MP3 players and external hard drives in mind. And every new ZMAX has a total of Six USB ports - Two USB 2.0 ports on the front - so you can easily connect your ZMAX to almost any type of digital device.

First SFF that Provides Multiple Ethernet Connection !

With integrated Dual ethernet interface (GbE and 100BASE-Tmbps). ZMAX Shares broad-band Internet connection. By connecting a DSL/Cable modem to your ZMAX and software installed, sharing Internet connection with other computers is a breeze.

GbE Ethernet: Integrated Intel® PRO/1000 CT Desktop Connection LAN ( (10/100/1000BASE-T) Ethernet). Onboard Gigabit Ethernet LAN connectivity using the Communication Streaming Architecture (CSA) interface. High-performing, auto-negotiating 10/100/ 1000 connection. Reduces deployment and training costs and enables easy, quick migration to Gigabit Ethernet

10/100mbps Ethernet: 100BASE-T connection provides the fastest Way to the Internet. Using the 10/100BASE-T Ethernet port for broadband (including DSL and cable modems).

802.11b WLAN: ZMAX is the latest platform specifically designed to simplify the process of building a wireless office/ home network. In short, the goal of IWILL ZMAX is to enable reliable wireless data transfer through the 802.11b standard, easy Internet access sharing and simple setup.
The ZMAXap incorporates wireless-specific features over mini-PCI WLAN Card, that provides a software-based wireless access point and router solution for the SFF barebone.

Instant Wireless Gaming Environment

To meet the new concept of Wireless working environment, the ZMAX has been positioned as a performance desktop, PC Game Console, Wireless LAN station and Home Gateway platform to perform the best performance, media center, home theater.

Antenna for WLAN & AP

With ZMAX, you can set up a wireless network to surf the Internet wirelessly from anywhere in your home and office. The new ZMAX WLAN can serve up to desktop and laptop PC simultaneously. It is an affordable way to instantly install a network without going to the expense of hardwiring Ethernet cables. And because IWILL designed the hardware and software - and engineered them to work smoothly together - you will find ZMAX a snap to set up and use.

Silence Cooling System

The ZMAX GFX cooling system maximizes airflow to keep the components in ZMAX running efficiently. By combining both Cool air breezes ventilated the case and smart fans, ZMAX ensures proper cool airflow throughout the AGP and PCI card, preventing over-heating and system crashes.

IWILL® TurboJet™ Technology

IWILL exclusive technology- TurboJet boosts the performance of Intel 865G platform, 30% faster than other 865G SFF PC, needless to say SiS 651 solution

Support Monster AGP Card

Thanks IWILL engineers, thoughtful design, ZMAX support any top of the line workstation AGP card. With double the AGP space and 250W PSU, ZMAX could handle a loaded system with a 3.4 GHz P4 and the ATI FireGL or nVidia Quadro 4. The answer is: "yes". it can!

High-speed AGP 8X Graphics Bus
With powerful 3D graphics, enjoy outstanding gaming performance for immersive visual experience in the latest games. The AGP 8X bus strobes eight times per clock cycle, giving you a 533MHz data rate and a maximum bandwidth of 2.1GBps. This dramatically enhanced performance drives graphics-intensive applications to astonishing resolutions, with lifelike texturing.

7-In-1 Card Reader

With 7-in-1 flash card reader, the ZMAX is compatible with all brands of digital media cards. ZMAX is available for Compact Flash, IBM Microdrive, Smart Media Card, Multi Media Card, Secure Digital Card, Memory Stick, and xD-Picture Card.


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