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IWILL ZMAXdp--Win another award from Custom PC
GigaHz Four Stars Award - Iwill ZMAXdp
CES Innovations 2005 Award - Iwill ZMAXdp
Iwill 2004 Creative Form Factor Product Catalog
Iwill ZMAXdp �XDual Opteron SFF Workstation

ZPC64 - Accommodates the Performance and Power

Blazing fast 64-bit CPU speed, cinematic graphics, and 6-Channel Surround Sound, Firewire, USB2.0, in the compact and stylish box. ZPC64��s breath-taking speed, 3D graphic realism, comprehensive connectivity capabilities and cinematic quality audio surround all in a small, stylish enclosure.


ZMAXdp - Dual Opteron SFF Workstation

The ZMAXdp provides explosive Dual AMD Opteron performance to elevate your video editing and 3D rendering performance. Supporting the latest generation of high-end computing technology, ZMAXdp deliver faster, richer development of digital content for special effects, rendering, 3D painting and texturing.


ZMAXap - Streamline Antenna for WLAN and Access Point

The new ZMAXap WLAN serve desktop and laptop PC hook up the internet simultaneously. It��s an affordable way to instantly install a network without going to the expense of AccessPoint and router. And because IWILL enabled the hardware and software - you��ll find ZMAX a snap to set up and use.


ZPCsp - Powerful, Multimedia, Smart Design!

The ZPCsp is perfect for small spaces especially when purchased with a flat panel display. Easily expandable PCI and memory keep you up to speed. Flexible 2.5" or 3.5" IDE drive bays, plus easy connectivity and multiple I/O ports for peripherals, all fit into this small design for the latest in multimedia and high productivity.


ZMAXst - Ultra Quiet and Extremely Cool

Built with silicon-on-insulator transistors and copper heatsink, the ZMAXst both delivers tremendous power and produces less heat. To dissipate the heat it does disappear, two over-large fans draw air from the rear of the machine, across the storage. CPU, PSU and out the box. It keeps amazingly cool and ultra quiet.


XP4-D - Simply Gorgeous

XP4 series has a sleek all-in-one design and high quality materials workmanship, comes in a stylish case. With adopts Intel 845GE/GV supports latest Celeron-D manages to keep the noise level down, and offers the rich functionality: integrated Intel graphics; LAN; Audio; USB2.0 and one PCI slots for expansion.


ZPCgx - Smart, Quiet, and Cool Design

With delicate appearance and stylish design, ZPCgx is so suitable for today��s fashion. It is quite easy for consumers to distinguish the best from the rest as well as from the innovator to the imitator. No matter to compare outline, quality or value, ZPCgx is the best choice when you need a real-mini barebone.

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