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     IWILL has more than 100 products and solutions under 4 major categories, Workstation, MiniPC Barebone, Server Appliance and High-Performance Computing.
     The Workstation applications vary from Digital Content Creation (DCC), Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Financial Services and Analysis (FSA), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Mechanical Design Automation (MDA), Media Publishing, Scientific Imaging, Scientific Research, Software Engineering, Business Visualization and facility monitoring platform, etc.
     IWILL Mini-System contributes to an aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic work environment with a high-tech, sophisticated design. The IWILL Mini-System offers all of these plus significant space-saving benefits. In essence, the Mini-System provides the ultimate possibility and user comfort.
     The Server ranges of applications are delivered through 4 major businesses - Security (Firewall, VPN etc.), Web Appliance, Enterprise Networking, and e-
Business platform.
     IWILL HPC solutions enable to do network computing applications for the clusters and Internet infrastructure markets. IWILL provides a variety of solutions integrating the powerful Infiniband and HTX PRO technologies.

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