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IWILL ZMAXdp receives the CES Innovations 2005 Awards.
Roll out DK8ES and DK8EW with Digital-VRM and Cap-Free design.

2004 ~ 2005
Released the eight-way and four-way AMD Opteron server system.
Released the dual AMD Opteron blade server.
IWILL, PathScale Introduce lowest-latency cluster Interconnect with HTX-PRO Technology.
Integrated DDR2 and PCI Express architecture on IWILL workstation total solution
IWILL and PSSC Labs Releases the Octagon (8-Opteron) in SC2004

2003 ~ 2004
DP533 receives the a "Best Choice Computex 2003" award.
DigitalScape and IWILL Showcase CGI Talent in Disney's F/X Blockbuster -- "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl".
IWILL Enhance Visual Effects in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

2002 ~ 2003
Set up Shang-Hai and Shen-Zhen offices in China.
Released the Security Gateway products with the IPsec/SSL accelerator on board.

2001 ~ 2002
IWILL announced the first DDR motherboard with Ali.
Introduced world's first DDR,Dual Pentium III Motherboard.
IWILL KK266 wins 32 "Editor's Choice" from professional hardware review site.

2000 ~ 2001
IWILL reaches 200 employees.
DCA200 workstation board is recognized as Intel reference platform.
IWILL launches Server Appliance for Firewall and Cache server.

1999 ~ 2000
Iwill Japan subsidiary was founded in April.
Passed ISO 9001.

1998 ~ 1999
120 employees.
Iwill Korea subsidiary was founded in April.
Passed ISO 9002 on July 26.
Iwill Beijing liaison office set up in August.

1997 ~ 1998
Moved to new building in July.
Set up first SMT line in November.

1996 ~ 1997
Becomes 41st fastest growing companies in Taiwan Business Magazine.
Announced the first motherboard, P54TS, designed with Intel 430FX chipset.
Rolled out first Ultra Wide SCSI motherboard with RAIDPort support.

1995 ~ 1996
Patented One Jumper design.

1994 ~ 1995
Launched the first VESA-SCSI embedded motherboard. -Creates SCSI motherboard as a registered trademark.

1993 ~ 1994
VP of Technical Department, Fernando Chen joins Iwill. Leads Iwill Corp. to specialize in SCSI technology.
Introduced Iwill!|s first and the world!|s first VESA Bus SCSI Controller with Adaptec.
Creates SIDE (SCSI + IDE) card series.

1989 ~ 1990
Iwill was founded on April 18.
Capital of USD 240,000 with 10 persons.

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