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Blistering Dual XEON + SLI Workstation !

The new dual Intel XEON workstation board: DN800-SLI delivers outstanding performance, dependability and value to digital content creation, MCAD, electronic design automation, and other graphics workstation applications with nVIDIA SLI (Scalable Link Interface) technology enables two PCI-Express cards on this workstation to provide extreme performance over the edge.

Powerful Intel 7525 Memory Controller Hub

IWILL has introduced the next-generation workstation board - DN800-SLI, specifically optimized to cope with 800MHz Xeon with Intel E7525 (Tumwater) for the latest Xeon processors (codenamed Nocona). this high-end workstation board supports the newest technologies including Dual PCI-Express X16, DDR2 memory and Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology (EM64T). Hyper-Threading Technology3, Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology, and Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 (SSE3) Instructions. IWILL proudly proved its leadership in dual-processor solution over the industry by meeting the demanding requirements of workstation market.

New generation technology DDR2-400 Memory

IWILL high-performance workstation boards feature DDR2 SDRAM. This new generation technology is designed to shatter the limits imposed by that of the current DDR memory architecture, enabling systems to process critical information at blistering speeds and achieve the highest possible performance in compute-intensive applications.

Dual DDR2-400 memory channels deliver a total of 6.4 GB/second bandwidth and up to 16 GB of physical memory, providing up to a 20% increase in memory bandwidth over DDR 333 and up to a 40% decrease in power consumption, ideal for high performance computing environment and memory-intensive applications.

Supports SIX SATA Connectors

With integrated Intel 6300ESB I/O Controller Hub and Silicon Image Sil 3114 (SATALink) PCI Host Controller. DN800-SLI provides support for SIX independent Serial ATA devices, each capable of up to 150 MB/second transfer rate, for the most demanding storage data transfers and Easily expandable and reconfigurable storage capacity.

SATA has been developed as a backward compatible, evolutionary replacement for ATA. Employing a serial technology version of the ATA design, SATA offers compelling technology, performance, and usability benefits for data-intensive applications in direct-attached storage environments. Within the next three years SATA will replace ATA/IDE as the low-cost interface-of-choice.

SATA Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
High Speed with 150 MB/second Scalable performance growth
Lowest-cost per megabyte Wide market appeal
Command optimization Makes SATA RAID more practical
Point-to-point connections Greater data reliability
Full backward compatibility Easier, faster, cheaper migration
Single thin 1-meter cable Greater flexibility; space savings

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