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IWILL ZMAXdp - Reviewed by SFFTECH. com

After testing by many main IT media, such as Hexus .net , 2CPU.com, and Custom PC, IWILL ZMAXdp is continuing on its reviewing travel. I t was also reviewed by SFFTech.com on February . It is dedicated towards small and quiet computing. SFF Tech was launched in April of 2003, and famous for its professional and objective SFF performance article s.

��Hats off to IWILL for engineering the first dual CPU small form factor system. What some said was simply an engineering dream finally became a reality with the ZMAXdp. We were impressed by the systems ability to keep both Opterons cool, while maintaining impressively low noise output. Performance was as expected for CPU's in this class, and IWILL has done a nice job of including a few bells and whistles to make this machine tempting to the enthusiast crowd.�� , quoted from SFF T ech review.

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