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The Cost-effective way to get Zero Channel RAID and Serial ATA II

For Release
Auguest 03 , 2004

IWILL DNS Series Server Boards---
The Cost-effective way to get both Zero Channel RAID and Optional Serial ATA II with FSB 800MHz Dual Intel Xeon Processors Supported Server Boards based on Intel 7520 Chipset
IWILL, one of the leading workstation / server boards manufacturers since 1989 is pleased to announce the innovative Intel E7520 chipset based solutions which meet the next generation of advanced technology for building, running, and supporting departmental and Internet-driven applications with FSB800MHz Dual Intel Xeon processors supported server boards---IWILL DNS Series.


IWILL DNS Series are the Intel E7520 chipset based 8-layer EATX form factor server boards, which support IPMI 1.5 interface, integrated ATI Range XL GFX with 8 MB, the latest FSB800MHz Dual Intel Xeon processors with 1MB L2 Cache, Dual Channel DDR333 / 266 system memory up to 16GB registered with ECC and non-ECC functions, and dual Broadcom PCI-Express Gigabit Ethernet Controllers. With the embedded Intel ICH5 chipset, IWILL DNS Series server boards provide two serial ATA connectors at the bandwidth of 150MBs / sec and 8 x USB 2.0 connectors.

IWILL DNS- SATA, one of the DNS Series server boards is embedded with pre-Adaptec ZCR for RAID5 and Adaptec Serial ATAII controller, which offers 8 x S-ATAII connectors on system with RAID0, 1, 0+1 functions that deliver the computing performance and flexibility at the same time. IWILL DNS-SATA offers with 1 x PCI Express 8x, 1 x PCI Express 4x , 1 x 64bit PCI-X at 133MHz, 2 x 64bit PCI-X at 100MHz, for the performance and compatibility, IWILL DNS-SATA provides also with Riser Interface of 1 x PCI Express 8x and 1 x 64bit PCI-X at 133MHz for 1U server chassis mechanical design.

The absolutely choice of reducing the cost of total ownership is IWILL DNS-L of IWILL DNS Series Server boards. By combining the advantages of Dual Intel FSB800MHz Xeon processors and Intel E7520 chipset, IWILL DNS-L delivers the higher performance with the flexible cost control policies for enterprises. IWILL DNS-L offers only 1 x PCI Express 8x with the Riser Interface, and 1 x PCI Express 4x. The absolutely cost-effective design of IWILL DNS-L is the perfect solution to extend your computing demands with the most cost-effective platform for FSB800 MHz Intel Dual Xeon processors.

IWILL DNS Series server boards are all designed with dual EPS12V PSU connectors for different kinds of 1U server chassis mechanical design to ensure the compatibilities with different kinds of solution for 1U server chassis mechanical design. IWILL DNS Series server boards are the best choice for manageability, reliability, flexibility, and performance.


PCI Express Evolution Connectivity

IWILL is working hand-in-hand with Intel, nVidia, AMD��s engineering teams to help define, develop, and deploy PCI Express solutions.

IWILL has developed a high-speed PCI Express x16 interconnect designed to evolve current PCI technology and address the increasing bandwidth demands of emerging graphics applications for workstation and high-end desktop barebone markets, including desktop PCs, workstations and servers systems.

Over the last few years, graphics processing units have become so advanced that they now require more bandwidth than all other PC subsystems - more than storage, audio, communication - and even processor and memory subsystems.
The current bandwidth provided by the AGP bus is a gating factor in the performance of today��s graphics systems. PCI Express addresses this issue by providing a high-frequency, scalable path of communication between next-generation graphics, video, storage, and processing systems.

Zero Channel Raid (ZCR)

Zero Channel Raid (ZCR) is intended to be a low-cost, low-profile, entry-level RAID solution ideal for use in 1U and 2U servers that employ a relatively small number of drives due to space constraints. Unlike N-channel RAID controllers that integrate the RAID functionality and transport modules on a single board, ZCR controllers provide transport protocol independence by decoupling these modules. This decoupled architecture offers several benefits. It reduces the cost of incorporating RAID onto platforms whose motherboards already feature embedded SCSI or ATA chips. It also enables the ZCR controller to support drives of varying interfaces and operate with future generations of motherboards with more advanced embedded transport chips using updated firmware.

The Serial ATA II working group was announced at the Intel Developer Forum in spring of 2002. Serial-ATA II does not only offer an increased transfer speed, but also features for server employment and network storage.

Serial ATA II Working Group consists of the same members, who also have had a leading role during the development of version 1.0: APT Technologies, Dell, Intel, Maxtor, and Seagate. The new working group also counts 15 additional firms.

Serial ATA II is the second generation of the serial interface and is to be considered as extension. The focus of Serial ATA II is on more functions for professional applications and compatibility to the Serial ATA 1.0 standard. The new features are supposed to pave the way into servers and network-based storage solutions, for example extended RAID functions. Also, Serial ATA II is supposed to integrate efficient command queuing and support more than just four devices. The Hot Plug support of Serial ATA 1.0 will be extended by features which are necessary for storage sub-systems.

The Serial ATA II specification will be passed in two steps: Features targeted at server employment and network-based storage were passed by the working group in October 2002. Development of products for the faster Serial ATA II interface (300MBs) will not arrive before mid to tlate 2004, according to the working group.

Planned technical development of Serial ATA
Parameter Generation 1 Generation 2
Serial data rate (GBit/s) 1.5 3.0
Data rate at 8B/10B (MByte/s) 150 300
Introduction 2002 2004
Source: Serial ATA Working Group
Product Features:
1.  Dual FSB 800MHz Intel Xeon Processor Ready
2.  Intel 7520 Chipset Based
3.  Dual EPS 12V PSU Connectors
4.  Riser Interface for PCI-X & PCI EXPRESS
5.  Dual Broadcom PCI EXPRESS Gigabit NIC
6.  Optional Adaptec ZCR & Serial ATAII Supported
7.  Optional IPMI 1.5
8.  Serial ATA II for 300MB/s
Figure 1. DNS-L
Figure 2. DNS-SATA
Figure 3. Riser Interface

The specification and pictures are subject to change without notice.
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