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IWILL DH800 Workstation Board--- Intel FSB 800 Xeon Processor Ready with EM64T & PAT
Unbelievable Technical Combination We Deliver for EPCE Building

IWILL, one of the leading workstation / server boards manufacturers since 1989 is pleased to announce the innovative Intel EM64T ready ATX form factor workstation boards which meet the advanced technology nowadays for 3D animation / modeling, digital content creation (DCC), mechanical CAD / CAM, non-linear video editing / streaming with FSB800MHz Dual Intel Xeon processors, Hyper Threading technology, and Performance Acceleration technology supported workstation boards---IWILL DH800.

IWILL DH800 is the Intel 875P chipset based VRM10 4-Phase PSU design and 8-layer ATX form factor workstation board, which takes full advantage of the latest FSB800MHz Dual Intel Xeon processors with Hyper Threading technology and even Performance Acceleration technology. A latest BIOS released on July, 12 can make DH800 fully to support Intel Extended Memory 64-bit Technology. With the embedded Intel 6300ESB, and Adaptec SATA host controller , IWILL DH800 offers two SATA connectors on system with RAID 0, 1 function that deliver the computing performance and I / O flexibility at the same time. IWILL DH800 workstation board supports cost-effective Dual Channel unbuffered DDR 400MHz system memory with ECC or non-ECC functions up to 4GB, 1 x AGP 8x / Pro slot for the lately announced graphic accelerators, 2 x 64bit PCI-X at 66MHz, 2 x 32bit PCI at 33MHz, Intel Gigabit NIC, 4 x USB2.0 connectors, 2 x IEEE1394a connectors by TI, and luxury AC97�� 6 channel audio. By combining the advantages of Dual Intel FSB800MHz Xeon processors and Intel 875P chipset, IWILL DH800 delivers the 100% performance as current Intel processor-based systems for mechanical design and analysis, digital content creation and a variety of other demanding high-performance computing tasks.

IWILL DH800 is the powerful but absolutely cost-effective workstation boards for the demands of reducing the cost of total ownership. IWILL DH800 is the best choice for all technologies nowadays. What you demand is the visualized computing performance and multi-tasking environment right away without purchasing a totally dream edition of Prescott Pentium 4 Extreme Edition processor. IWILL DH800 can fulfill your desires for computing performance and reliabilities. IWILL DH800 supports both EPS and ATX form factor power supply units, the flexible technology design that allows you to choose plenty of components according to your system-building budget. It could earn more spaces to set up more workstations for your co-workers, IWILL DH800 is definitely the workstation board to enhance the value of your team work and to build the creative working environment under your command.


DH800 Key Feature
  • Support dual Intel Xeon @800 MHz FSB
  • Intel 875P + HR
  • Dual DDR 400 with ECC up to 4GB
  • AGP 8X/Pro110
  • PCI-X 64/66
  • Intel CSA Gigabit LAN up to 266MB/s
  • TI IEEE-1394
  • Adaptec HOST RAID to support RAID 1
  • 2 SATA
  • 6 Ch. Audio + USB 2.0
  • ATX F.F.



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