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PSSC Labs Releases the Octagon with IWILL HTX and HTX Pro Technology
PSSC Labs Delivers Octagon - First Eight Processor Opteron Based HPC Solution

PSSC Labs announces the release of the first eight processor AMD Opteron™ based high performance computing solution. PSSC Labs and Iwill USA Corporation, a leading manufacturer of high-end server, workstation and appliance solutions, has introduced today the industry��s first Modular 4P and 8P AMD Opteron™ processor-based motherboards utilizing HTX-Pro™. Iwill��s HTX-Pro™ Technology delivers HyperTransport? expansion capability. New Platforms currently include the QK8S and QK8S-8P, more products will be announced shortly. Adam Chou, Iwill USA��s General Manager states, ��Iwill is very excited to bring this innovative and compelling technology into the marketplace.�� Adds PSSC Labs Vice President Alex Lesser, ��This is an exciting time in commodity based high performance computing. I think the Octagon will give the traditional supercomputing companies a real run for the money.��

The Octagon consists of five separate boards to form a complete 8-Way AMD Opteron processor solution: the CPU board, an I/O board and a VGA board. Modularization of these three boards through Iwill��s HTX-Pro™ interfaces allows multiple possible configurations, each able to be optimized for size, thermal, performance or other considerations. Possible configurations include tower, blade, and rack mount. Iwill and their partners have developed a number of rack configurations (1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, 5U+).

The AMD Opteron™ processor has built-in HyperTransport* technology. HyperTransport technology acts as a link and provides scalable bandwidth interconnect between processors, memory, I/O subsystems as well as other chipsets. Currently HyperTransport provides up to 6.4GB/s bandwidth per link, and is scalable upwards with future revisions.

One of the many benefits that result from Iwill��s Modularized Motherboards through HTX-Pro™ is that as new technologies become available, the I/O portion of the solution can be upgraded without replacing the entire platform. A user may start using the platform based around PCI-X add in devices and upgrade to PCI-Express at a later date by simply changing out the modular I/O board.

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